The Extravaganza Fair Entertainment

ALL DAY ENTERTAINMENT awaits TO DELIGHT AND ENTHRALL you at the extravaganza fair

Karl Austin

The Karl Austin Experience

Playing all throughout the day on our beautiful Extravaganza Fair Stage.

Perhaps you have heard of Karl through word of mouth? or you may support local Taranaki Music, have followed The Extravaganza or attended one of many Live Music festivals or craft fair events and field days in Taranaki? No matter where you've seen our local pirate, you are sure to remember his unique and mischievous style and pizzaz.

Karl Austin is a comedic musician with a passionate talent.

The multi-instrumentalist plays and utilize several different instruments during performances including Piano, Guitar, Fife, Trombone, Trumpet, and Tin Whistle. There are recreated originally inspired arrangements of the greatest songs from the 50's to the 2000's and also Original music which will conjure images of zombie hordes, special muffins, personal love songs, poignant social issues, political messages, and love of good toast in the listener.

The Ashton Family Circus


The Ashton Family Circus Is a family of five who live in their fabulous housetruck and travel around New Zealand with us at The Extravaganza Fair.  Anna, Royce, Dylan (12), Jazz & Dallas (6).  Anna (also known as Mummy Ashton) is a pole dancer extraordinaire, and Royce (aka Daddy Clown) provide a fantastic show with their talented children Dylan (aerial hoop & dance) and tiger twins Jazz & Dallas (scary tiger trickery).

Come and check them out - performing daily at the Extravaganza Fair.

Dylan Daisys Magic Show

Miss Dylan Daisy is a 12 year old magician who performs magic for the visitors of the Extravaganza Fair every day - delighting young and old alike.  Ground level magic right in front of your very eyes...... enchanting and magical.  A gorgeous combination of illusion, dance and humour with an unexpected grand finale!

Magical Dylan Daisy with the Amazing Royce performing tricks of wonder

Magical Dylan Daisy with the Amazing Royce performing tricks of wonder

The Gypsta Trickstar show

Fire, acrobatics, juggling and a whole lot of attitude is what you will enjoy when you take in the Gypsta Trickstar show. Extravaganza Fair members of all ages will delight with prowess and bedazzle you with fire - from our youngest performing member (aged only 1) right through to seasoned fire performers we can guarantee you an unforgettable display.  Performing daily - and if you can- catch one of the twilight performances.. ..stunning!


Twilight Performance

Twilight Performance