About Hipsy

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It all started when...

I read Enid Blytons Come to the Circus (about 6 yrs old)

I first hit the road in 1996 with my first truck and 3 daughters.  I travelled for ten years on the byways and highways of our fabulous NZ, by then increasing my tribe of girls to 4!

I had a break from travelling for 9 years - all the while itching to 'hit the road' once again.  I am now travelling in our gorgeous truck with the Extravaganza Fair and loving every minute of it. 

Life on the road is FUN!! I love travelling with my friends, and it gets me all over the country which affords great opportunities to catch up with 'fixed abode' friends and family - including my grandchildren.  The "grandies" love coming to stay with Nanny & Pa and that ensures every school holidays have the back loft fully booked!

I am one of the team members that organise the Extravaganza Fair, particularly with a view toward marketing but incorporating other aspects too when necessary.

Come and check out my new venture at the extravaganza fair - Silver, Silver & more Silver......

See you there

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