About Leeanne (aka Tiptoe)

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27 years living on the road. 
Over half my life. 
It's a long time and I'm still loving it!
Early years I followed seasonal work in the top of the South Island living in a 1951 Commer Avenger bus.
Then a brief stint at a "9 to 5 job" proved a settled life was not for me.
I built my 1967 Bedford VAS2 bus and escaped to join the Mainland Housetruckers Craft Fair. 
The following year The Original Gypsy Fair. 
19 years later I am now on my 3rd season of the Extravaganza Fair in my self built Isuzu powered housetruck.
Life on the road living under the stars with my wee dog, Rune.
At The Wicker Basket, I sell perfume, soap, essential oils, creams, waxes, balms and other cool stuff.
Mine is a hands on stall where I encourage you to come try my products or find a scent to delight your senses.

check out my website here: www.thewickerbasket.co.nz

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