About Ruby and fur babies - Teeny. Pepsi. Indie.

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It all started when…

I moved to the shores of Aotearoa 10 years ago, bringing 2 fur babies with me from the UK. There I lived for many years on a 55ft by 6ft narrow boat on the canals in the north of England. There being no canals in NZ, I chose 3 years ago to buy and fit out myself my beloved truck that is now home. I prefer to operate in Stealth mode, so my home looks like a pretty inconspicuous white truck. Once inside it is a world of art and colour. I've always been creative, going to Art school and then university and getting a degree and practising landscape architecture in the UK. Becoming a practising fine artist, mostly in printmaking, in Auckland and teaching printmaking.

It's been on my bucket dream list to join the fairs for many years, after going to a fair in Auckland. I'm very into sustainability and green issues, and totally love clothes. So I decided  to make upcycled clothes and accessories in a shabby gypsy chic style. My business is called "Petticoats & Roses", as this evokes the romantic, feminine vibe I create. Imagine floaty skirts & tops, frayed around the edges, lace and frills, in pinks, creams, sages. This is a new direction for me and I'm still developing products and an online presence.