Regan & Sophia

About Regan & Sophia


Regan and myself (Sophia) ended up apart of the Extravanganza at the beginning of its first season. Regan met Mels and Jonas at Womad festival in New Plymouth. At this time they were hatching their plans to create a new travelling market which incorporated the festival vibe they loved with nostalgic fair games and stalls that suited all ages. Mels offered our close friend and Regan stalls and their new fair which was an opportunity that neither of them could turn down. I just happened to drop them at HQ in New Plymouth where I met Mels and Jonas and she invited me along for the ride. We lucked into this lifestyle and have had a huge amount of support; Regan was hooked up with his candy floss stall, we’ve been lent caravans, had lots of free mechanical advice, and had a lot of help purchasing our first truck which we are getting ready for the start of the 2017 season.

We really love the lifestyle and community the Extravaganza has brought us. We were both based in Wellington prior to traveling, Regan grew up in Hawkes Bay but we were both pretty much city people. At this time our knowledge of road life and our practical skills were not really adequate for the adventure we were about to embark on, but with laughs and patience from our friends we are slowly learning and becoming more independent. We have really enjoyed being outdoors and have loved being able to explore all the gorgeous corners of our country, neither of us had really even travelled much of the South Island so it has actually been really mind blowing. Working for yourself is also really liberating and rewarding which is another perk of the gig.

Regan and I are also one of the numerous fur baby owners, ours is called Hector and he is a Maltese X. He was also inspired by the Extravangaza, it really is the ideal lifestyle for fluffy friends and you have heaps of time for them, it’s a bit ridiculous though.. I think we must nearly have the most animals per capita of all communities in the county.  This year has brought changes too, I am taking over the Henna tattoo stall and we are building our truck. It’s a very fast paced life style and there are always lots of things happening at once, our four months “off” during winter just flies by as everyone gets ready to do it all again. We are both looking forward to more fun and games this season and can’t wait to see what this time round brings.