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Hello there, my name is Lydia;

  owner and tattooist at 'Rinthland Tattoo'.

After a chance meeting with the lovely Dusty and Jess, my partner Cal and I were told of this exciting fair, with its family of gypsy souls. Turns out they had been looking for a tattooist for the season and I had been looking for just such an adventure!

I'm an English lass, though since I was old enough to fly alone, have been exploring lands far and wide; this year deciding upon New Zealand for the next stint.

 Formally working as a mental health therapist and artist, 4.5 years ago I started training as a tattooist; a life long dream. I completed my apprenticeship in Wales and went on to build a lovely client base across the UK and even some from over the waters.

Having always loved getting tattoos though often feeling nervous within the environment of tattoo shops, I strive to make my customers feel comfortable and enjoy every aspect of the process. Though yes, all tattoos hurt, I will talk you through the steps, minimise discomfort and distract you with nonsense chatter.

I have tattooed all over the UK full time in studios and have kindly been invited to tattoo at a variety of conventions, festivals and guest spots. Most recently I have been tattooing at studios in Auckland and producing art work in preparation for joining the fair.

I specialise in custom designs and though will have ready made custom flash designs, I love customers coming to me with their ideas and designing a tattoo to their specifications.

Examples of my work can be seen on my Instagram page:  rinthlandtattoo

Or if you don't have Instagram, if you Google the same name, you will see my work on various forums.

So excited and honoured to be joining the Extravaganza team.
Come say hi on your visit! Even if just for a nosey 😁

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