About Kathleena

My name is Kathleena

......and I have been living on the roads of Aotearoa for 27 years. I have also been reading the Tarot for all these years too.

I spent 14 years reading at The Gypsy Fair and am now ready to start my 5th season with The Extravaganza.

I do a past, present, future reading based on the Celtic Cross spread, using The Rider Waite Deck. My readings give a very accurate month by month breakdown of what energies are heading your way. This important knowledge is very helpful in assisting you to make educated choices for your future.

I love my work and especially when my clients leave feeling relieved, inspired and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is very common so my work is very uplifting.

Please click on my face book link below to connect with me personally - TAROT BY KATHLEEN7