About Dick - aka The Dicktater


Dickinsons Gastronomic Emporium

is where you will find me, cooking up a storm to feed the multitude every fair day throughout the season. 

I have been on and off the road for many years, and am loving being back roadside - travelling with the Extravaganza Fair!

I get to hit the coast roads and catch plenty of fish for the pot - to say nothing of the other escapades......

I have done many things, and driven over many bridges - and have recently spent 10 years in the South Island, mostly on the West Coast.  Originally from the Hawkes Bay, I can call myself a wandering Gypsta now for sure.  The fair takes me all over NZ which is great for meeting up with old friends, kids and grandkids!

Look out for me and my steampunk food bus at the fairs - come and grab yourself a great burger or pick some other delectable item from my menu.


Dickinson Spring with Little Man.jpg