About Debz

Debz 1.jpg

Hey…   I’m Debz.

This is my 1st season & it’s an exciting adventure.

I’m Southland born & bred.  Jack of all trades, master of none.

I was over being on the hamster wheel of life so decided to take 8 wheels & that would be my new home ‘Gypsy Inn’.  She’s a nice wee Isuzu with a hint of brown, purple & white.  You’ll see me as my vehicle’s bright!

I enjoy dabbling in things that are a challenge as it stimulates my personal growth & intend to do a bit of study & art while on the road.

Pre-Gypsy I was a travelling sales person for many years & look forward to moving around with my wee buddy Deefa (‘D’ for dog).

Creative arts, fabric & colour are my thing and I enjoy being able to recycle, upcycle & creating fabulous handmades.

My pet shop accessories include a variety of items to ‘funk up your fur’. I also have a wide range of styly fingernail colours & surprises to make you stand out, or in if that’s your thing, with a touch of glamour.

Deefa & I look forward to meeting you all.   Please don’t be shy & come say hi.