About Cyrina & Family

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I'm C, I'm Cee (mrscatalyst), the fibre and word alchemist on the extravaganza fair.

My stall is Alchemy: the process of transforming an article of little or no value into one of great purpose. Alchemy for me is truly a state of mind and a way of life. Using practise, intuition and focused intent I create cruelty free fibre dreadlocks, word spells and talisman,to enliven, enrich and propel the receiver i am essentially an ecclectic witch. I have a selection of 13 different talisman spells on offer and an everchanging selection of wool products. For me, natural material especially wool and paper - have the unique ability to simultaneously hold memory and move current. My dreadlocks are non itch cruelty free and 100% NZ grown wool. I can install on the day or post to your location NZ wide. Custom spaces available for individual looks.

Also, I am offering an authentic gypsy fusion tea leaf reading service . For consulting the Oracle and guidance with specific situations. Energy clearing and vibrational work is also available , I liken it to a soul shower, an uplifting declutter of old patterns to get you singing your authentic song again.

Be the change.

We travel in our hand built home truck and trailer called "homerun" and wouldn’t have it any other way.

See you on the road!

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