About Cyrina & Family

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I'm C, the fibre and word alchemist on the extravaganza. My stall is alchemy: the process of transforming an article of little or no value into one of great purpose. Alchemy for me is truly a state of mind and a way of life. Using practise, intuition and focused intent I create fibre talisman and word spells,to enliven, enrich and propel the receiver. I have a selection of 13 talisman spells on offer this season (my most extensive yet) For me, natural material -,especially wool and paper - have the unique ability to simultaneously hold memory and move current. I spin quality NZ grown and dyed fibres into one of a kind wearable and decorative art pieces that resonate. I have a selection of said talisman and knitted items which is constantly evolving.

Also, I am offering an authentic gypsy fusion tea leaf reading service . For consulting the Oracle and guidance with specific situations.

Be the change.

We travel in our home built truck and trailer. (As yet un-named) Wads of children and dogs...and sometimes my unicorn Chorla tags along to help amplify the magic.

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